Welcoming you to celebrate
your delight with Lebanese spice

We serve you hospitality &
taste at the stunning heavenly
venue for events

Regardless of the event size, WA
events at Riviera are dedicated to
going the extra mile to make it
the most memorable for you.

To entertain your guests, we have embellished the riverside of
Maribyrnong to your zeal. Whether you like indoor dining or
outdoor, the venue’s aesthetics are enjoyable throughout the
year. While basking on the views of the scenic waterside of
Riviera, you can feast on the rich and wholesome taste of
Lebanese Middle Eastern flavour. We serve you and your guests
with a succulent variation of meat, scrumptious salads, zesty
dips and amazing Mezza. Not only do we transport you down
the middle eastern street with the aroma, but we also aim to
celebrate the middle eastern culture of sharing. Hence, WA
events promise to offer you a one-of-a-kind venue for events in
Melbourne with effective event planning.

We’d love to host you!

We believe in making memories because celebrations make life worth living. The fine outdoor seating area and aesthetically
tuned inside event room at Riviera make the perfect venue hire in Melbourne. So, you can either choose indoor seating or
decide to enjoy the perfect summer sunset by the river with your family & friends.

Let WA’s hospitality professionals at Riviera take care of your essential formal and life events. Be it your wedding, private
party, corporate event, or birthday, we warmly welcome you to lay the tracks at the picturesque venue in Melbourne.


We genuinely care for our guests. So, if you are looking for an
exclusive venue for events, Riviera has no match in the Western
suburbs of Melbourne. Promising you a premier dining experience,
the WA team offers you an awe-aspiring setting for your wedding
ceremony. So, we shall serve you well if you wish to enjoy the
majestic divine view by the river while taking vows or revel in the
decent yet memorable interior décor. Our dedicated event
planning team beaver away to make it as you may have dreamed

Indeed, we have it all sorted out, from comfortable bridal suites
to customizable food packages and incredible Lebanese taste.
Hence, whether you are planning to celebrate a small or large
scaled wedding, our dedicated and experienced event . . .


Our passion for cuisine, hospitality, and perfection makes us the prime venue for events.

Are you looking for a well-suited venue in Melbourne for
your upcoming corporate event? Whether it is a team
brainstorming session, one-on-one meeting, client’s presentation, networking event, your company’s annual dinner, or an award ceremony, we’ve got the best venue in Melbourne. Our well-reputed assiduous professionals at WA events are well-adapted to serve you with a sheer wow factor.

Our comfortable and functional space, coupled with the traditional Lebanese dining experience, ranks us the best venue for hire in Melbourne. To further impress your clients, . . .


Making profound memories does not require you to mountains.
Let us do the job for you. Having the adept event planners of WA
events makes Riviera an exotic venue for hire in Melbourne at the
Edgewater Maribyrnong precinct. Regardless of the event, the
newly refurbished dining area of our venue for events exudes an
ambience just perfect for you. Our hospitality professionals
are always on the go to facilitate your party with class. The apt
luxurious finishing, bountiful bar, and our commodious area to
dance the night away will ideally make your occasion the most

Social Events

Innovation and immense pleasure in serving you and your guests are the emblem of our excellence. Our innovation is not limited to the décor, but we welcome you for any gathering you wish to enjoy at the Melbourne events venue. Just decide how you want it to be with the WA events experts, and get ready to pop the corks!

So, please choose the best venue on the brink of the river Maribyrnong, and manoeuvre our fully stocked bar and exquisite menu options. Birthdays, fundraisers, engagements, bridal parties – irrespective of the occasion and size – Being an unparalleled Melbourne events venue, we believe in moving walls for you to have a first-class experience.

When you plan your next event, consider hosting it . . .

Enjoy the endless
variety and magical tastes.

At Riviera, we offer a menu that celebrates Lebanese cuisine’s deep-rooted
traditions and beautiful ingredients. We strive to entertain you with an
exceptional dining experience by amalgamating the eastern flavours with
contemporary inspirations. Further, we offer an appealing and mouthwatering
menu for you to enjoy at the prime location in Melbourne. Not only do we wish
you to relish the taste of Lebanon’s rich and vibrant culture, but we’d love to
host you at our ravishing venue for events in Melbourne.

To us, food is much more than just nutrition; it is a celebration of life. Riviera is
about the classic eastern Mediterranean culinary art. We believe one cannot
sleep well, love well, and think well if one hasn’t dined well. Therefore, we are
comitted to going above and beyond to ensure the perfection of your
experience at our restaurant. We promise to serve you excellence because we
have found the key to ply the scrumptious Lebanese aromas.

An exquisite team of
hospitality professionals

Undoubtedly, service is the pedestal of hospitality, and we serve you the best. We not only offer the venue
for events but successful event planning services as well. Once you join hands with the WA events, you can
easily focus on enjoying the event without worrying about how it goes. Being a trailblazer Australian venue
company, our experts never run out of innovative ideas to make your event consequential.

Our hospitality dabs at WA events work are well-aligned with trusted suppliers, performers,
and technicians to offer you the most affordable services. When we claim to be the best, we mean to be
well-acquainted with the up-to-date arsenal of technology, such as widescreen displays for conferences,
top-tier sound systems for parties, and integrated lighting options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do! We offer both outdoor and indoor seating for you to enjoy the scenic divine beauty on the riverside. You can choose between the two depending upon your preference and the event’s requirement.
We have the capacity to host up to 100 guests in our purposely built and rightfully decorated function room for your occasion, just as you wish.
Indeed, our experienced professional team for event management and WA events makes us the prime choice for a venue for events in town.
Yes, for sure! We shall be more than happy to give you a walk of the venue for hire Melbourne, answer all of your questions, and facilitate your choice of venue for your occasion. Once you decide and book the venue, you get in touch with our event management team. The team will be available to you for any additional visits.
You will have to contact our event management team to hold a date.